Tree Trimming

There are several aspects of yard service that are just a much about safety as it is cosmetic. Tree trimming more than any other lawn maintenance service can keep your lawn looking great as well as keep your house safe.

Not only do overgrown trees look sloppy and unkempt, but they also pose a threat. Not only to your house, but to you or anyone near it in the event of it falling down. 


Dead and dying wood weighs a tree down and eventually it will fall. Whether it be a branch drooping over until it finally snaps or the entire tree, sooner or later it can possibly lead to damage.

Regular tree trimming is not just a preventative measure, however. Having your tree regularly trimmed is also the best way to get it to grow properly and in a healthy manner. 


If the limbs are growing unevenly or in a direction that is unhealthy for the tree, having it trimmed off will help the tree grow properly. Trees are unpredictable and no two trees grow the exact same way.


Keeping your trees well-trimmed regularly can keep the weight distribution of the limbs even. That helps to keep the shape even and healthy. When the weight is unevenly distributed, it is a recipe for branches to fall in the future.

Trees can add a lot of value to your yard and home. When they are growly unevenly or are overgrown, however, it can not only look bad, but it can be dangerous.

Knowing When It is Time

For many homeowners, it is hard to know when it is time for tree trimming. There is no definite answer that it is time for you to get your trees trimmed, but there are few things to consider that can help you decide.

If your tree or trees look misshapen or overgrown, it is time. However, just because a tree does not look overgrown or misshapen does not mean that it is need of trimming and pruning. In fact, not matter what shape it is in, most trees can benefit from a trimming.

At Landmark Lawn and Landscape, we take tree trimming seriously and work hard to make your trees look as good as they can. When you call (615) 200-8099, you can inquire about our tree trimming services.

Trimming trees is a critical part of proper yard care, and we put a lot of time and effort into it. We understand that trimming is about the health of the tree and never over-trim. 

We are located in Franklin, TN and tree trimming is one of our many lawn care services that we offer. Don’t let your tree get overgrown to where it looks messy. 

If you need your tree trimmed so that you can avoid future trouble and downed limbs, reach out. A well-trimmed tree can tie a yard together, and an unkempt, wild tree can really take away from a yard.

Look at your yard, and if any of your trees could use a trimming.

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