Mulch Installation

Mulch is an important part of lawn health. A healthy layer of mulch on top of the soil can help to retain moisture and nutrients and minimize weeds. To many homeowners, mulch is also a cosmetic part of the yard and helps make flowerbeds and the garden look better.


There are many types of mulch available for people to choose from. Different mulches have different looks, and some even carry unique benefits. Having mulch installed in your yard and gardens is a way to make them look better, protect against weeds, and nourish the plants surrounding it.

Whether it be for your garden, yard, or for a playground, we can complete a clean and thorough mulch installation for you.

Pine Mulch

One of the most popular varieties of mulch available is pine mulch. It is considered to be the most effective by many professionals and homeowners for several reasons. 

Pine mulch is exceptionally light and spreads over the soil well. It is light enough to not hold onto water for too long and absorbent enough to slowly release water into the soil evenly.

It is recognizable for its dark brown color that looks great at the base of tree or flowerbed. 

Black, Red and Brown Mulch

There are several options of colors mulch. With Landmark Lawn and Landscape, you can choose between black, red, and brown colored mulch.

Some colored mulches get their coloration naturally. Pine bark mulch, for example, is usually ground up and left as it is so it retains its natural colors. Also popular with homeowners is dyed mulch. 

Whether it be black, red, or brown, there is enough variety for you to match your flower beds to your personal taste. 

Pine Needle Mulch

You can also choose to have your yard mulched with pine needle mulch. Pine needle mulch is different than regular pine mulch. It is just like what it sounds like; mulch made of collected pine needles.

Pine needle mulch appeals to many people that want to use as natural of mulch as possible. It creates a much thinner layer of mulch than any other form. Many people like pine needle mulch because it really lets the plants get water very effectively.

Despite being quite light, pine needle mulch can withstand wind and inclement weather. 

At Landmark Lawn & Landscape, we make sure that each yard we mulch will look as great as it can. Mulch should not only help your plants survive and thrive; it should enhance the appearance of your yard. Call (615) 200-8099 to find out about mulch installation for your own home.

Located in Franklin, TN, we have completed countless mulch installation among several other lawn care treatments. Nobody can help but notice a lawn that has fresh, neatly spread mulch in it.

A clean and thorough mulch installation makes your lawn look just as good as when it is well mowed and trimmed. Much like fertilizer, water, and the sun, soil needs high quality mulch to be as healthy as it can be. Regular mulch installations are a key part of lawn care. It’s time for you to stop looking for “mulch near me,” we got what you need.

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