Leaf Removal

As the seasons change, so too does your lawn. There are obvious some obvious visual changes. In most cases, the lawn will look less vibrant.

Some plants may die, and others may come in. One thing that you can count on, however, is that leaves will fall and cover your lawn. This is not just a seasonal thing, however.


Leaves fall year round, and with the change of seasons in the fall and winter it can be more noticeable. No matter what time of the year it is, when leaves cover your lawn, it plays a direct role in your yard’s health. 

Leaf removal is not as obvious of a lawn care staple as mowing, edging, or trimming is, but it is just as important. When leaves cover your lawn, they deprive your lawn of two particularly important things that the grass needs to stay health: oxygen and sunlight.


This is even more true when there is a lot of leaf fall, such as in the fall or winter, but applies to any time of the year. A layer of leaves covering the grass keeps the sun from hitting it which impedes growth. Direct sunlight is what fuels grass’s growth, and the lack of it can hold it back greatly.

Seasonal or regular leaf removal can ensure that your lawn is not losing out on sun to fallen leaves. The same can be said for ensuring your lawn gets enough oxygen. When there are a lot of leaves on the lawn especially, they can deprive the lawn of oxygen.

Much like trees, grass produces oxygen. When it is being smothered by leaves, its oxygen production is impeded. 

Keep it Clean

Don’t wait until the lawn is completely covered in leaves to decide it is time for leaf removal. The fact is leaves fall year round. That means that all year long leaf fall poses a threat to your lawn. 

Staying on top of things and having them removed will prevent it from getting out of control and even causing your grass to die. Bulky, wet, fallen leaves can even prevent your lawn from bouncing back and growing vibrantly.

Leaving wet fallen leaves can lead to fungus that can prevent future growth. Besides that, removing fallen leaves is a cosmetic issue as well. The more leaves that fall, the more cluttered and out of control the lawn can look.

When you allow the leaves to continue to pile up and cover the lawn and flower beds, it makes it harder for grass and plants to grow. This is especially true when coming out of winter and into spring when many homeowners are ready for new growth and plants.

At Landmark Lawn and Landscape, we offer thorough leaf removal service. If you need to have your lawn, walkways and flowerbeds cleared of cluttered fallen leaves, call (615) 708-5751 and inquire about our leaf removal services.

We are located in Franklin, TN and value every lawn and yard that we work to help keep looking as good as it possibly can.

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