Lawn Treatment

Proper lawn treatment involves several yard maintenance practices. Besides water, sunlight and regular mowing, there are many factors in lawn health. 


Whether it be eliminating threats to your lawn through weed control, or helping new life grow through seeding and aeration, there is a lot that goes into lawn treatment.


One of the most important lawn treatments is aeration. Simply put, aeration is when holes are poked in the lawn. In more serious cases, however, core aeration is done.

Core aeration is done using a lawn aerator and opens a channel in the soil so that it can get everything it needs. This is necessary because often times, soil gets plugged up. It can happen for many reasons, but it negatively affects the lawn.

Having aeration lawn treatments can make it so that your soil gets everything important that it needs. Water and oxygen can more easily absorb into the soil resulting in a healthy lawn.


Your lawn goes through a lot every year. Between the changes brought by the seasons to the weather to the animals that come into contact with it, a lot of wear and tear can occur.

  • Seeding, or overseeding lawn treatments, involves planting a large amount of grass seeds and a strong water source.
  • Planting new seeds densely and close together creates and reinforces root systems that make you lawn healthier than it ever was.

Seeding is a way to reinforce your lawn, maintain high quality soil, and absorb important nutrients. 


Healthy plant life looks as healthy as it does because its roots soak in nutrients. Your grass needs nutrients to grow. 

Over time, lawns consume and/or lose nutrients. Without them, grass cannot grow to be lush and vibrant, and can eventually even die.

Fertilizer is a way to replenish your lawn with the nutrients that it needs to survive. Having your lawn fertilized is just as vital to its health as water is. The fertilizer dissipates into the soil and lets the vitamins and nutrients enrich the lawn. 

Weed Control

If there is one main threat to lawn and garden health, it is weeds. Weeds are invasive, can spread easily and can kill your grass and plants. 

Landmark Lawn & Landscape offers weed control services. If you want to get rid of weeds that are killing your plants and making your lawn look bad, call (615) 200-8099. Weeds look bad, damage your grass, and can keep good plants from growing.

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