Hedge & Shrub Trimming

When it comes to hedge and shrub maintenance, professional services are always recommended. Both of them are a popular ornamental feature in many residential landscape designs. They have a wide range of sizes and can be seasonal or evergreen, but all need to be trimmed.


Your shrubs and hedges need more than just sunlight and water to stay healthy, they need to be regularly maintained. As your shrubs grow, parts of them may die and the dead parts can hold it back. Eventually, the entire shrub might die if it’s left untreated for too long.

Why Is Landscape Maintenance So Important?

One of the main reasons why shrub trimming service is important is the threat of pests. Many pests are drawn to dead and dying wood. So, not taking care of your shrubs properly will only result in further damage. 

Additionally, hedges and shrubs are frequently placed along hallways and, when left unattended, they can overgrow. As a result, the walkway will clog and possibly even become a tripping hazard.

Attractiveness & Privacy for Your Home

No matter the size of the hedge, it needs to be trimmed regularly. This allows new and healthy growth that creates an attractive home’s landscape. Remember that a row of hedges or shrubs is an iconic look that many homeowners take pride in. However, when a hedge row is left unmaintained, it can look like a mess.

Never Worry About Trimming Again

Let your shrubs and hedges stand out on their own by keeping them well trimmed with Landmark Lawn and Landscape. We put as much effort into our hedge and shrub care as any other aspect of lawn care. We believe that hedges and shrubs can give personality to your yard and create a private, distinct look for your home.

At Landmark Lawn and Landscape, we use high-quality hedge trimmers to get your hedges and shrubs in the best shape possible. If you’re thinking “I need professional shrub trimming near me in Tennessee”, we’re your best choice.

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Don’t let dead or overgrown hedges and shrubs keep your lawn from looking its best. Get in touch with Landmark Lawn and Landscape and learn more about our shrub trimming services. We’re located in Franklin, TN, and value your lawn care as much as our own. Call us at (615) 708-575, we have the best shrub trimming ideas.


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