Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Your shrubs need more than just sunlight and water to stay healthy. For your shrubs and hedges to stay healthy, they need to be regularly trimmed and maintained.

As your shrubs grow, parts of them may die. When a shrub that has dead branches continues to grow, the dead parts will hold it back. Dead wood can eventually lead to the entire shrub dying if it is left untreated for too long.


One of the main reasons that having your shrubs trimmed is important is because of the threat of pests. Many pests are drawn to dead and dying wood. Leaving the dead wood in the shrub can attract pests that will only further damage the shrub.


Hedges are a recognizable and attractive part of any home’s landscape. No matter what the size of the hedge is, it needs to be trimmed regularly. Regular hedge trimming allows for the new growth to come in perfectly and continue to grow in a healthy way.

Hedge Health

At Landmark Lawn and Landscape, we put as much into our hedge and shrub care as any other aspect of lawn care. Hedges and shrubs can give personality to your yard. They can also create privacy and create a distinct look for your home.

Having your hedges regularly trimmed will keep you from having to uproot them and start over. A row of hedges or shrubs is an iconic look that many homeowners take pride in. When a hedge row is left unmaintained, it can look like mess.

Let your shrubs and hedges stand out on their own by keeping them well trimmed. Keeping your shrubs and hedges well-manicured is also a safety measure.

Often times, hedges and shrubs are along walkways. When they are left unkempt they can become overgrown and obstruct the walkway and possibly even become a tripping hazard. 

High hedges that are left alone can pose a threat as well. The longer you let dead wood go uncut, the more at risk you are for having it fall. 

Using high quality hedge trimmers, Landmark Lawn and Landscape can get your hedges and shrubs in the best shape possible. If you want your shrubs to stand out and draw attention because of how vibrant they are as opposed to how overgrown they are, having them maintained is a great option.

If your shrubs have dead wood and branches, that does not mean that you neglected them or failed to take of them. The fact is many factors play into the life and health of any plant. Dealing with dead wood is part of keeping shrubs.

Having your shrubs trimmed and cleaned of an any dead or excess wood can get them back in proper shape again. Call (615) 708-5751 and find out more about getting your hedges and shrubs cleaned up. We are located in Franklin, TN, and value your lawn care as much as our own.

Don’t let dead or overgrown hedges and shrubs keep your lawn from looking its best. Healthy and vibrant shrubs are a big part of any beautiful yard.

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