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When Is the Best Time to Irrigate?

Irrigation is a very important part of lawn care. It can be difficult to know when and how much water your lawn needs, but there are ways to determine the best time for irrigation. 

This article will explore these factors to determine when would be a good time for you to irrigate your yard.

Counting the Days and Following the Sun

1. Water Every 10 Days Keeps Your Leaves Like a Garden in May

The best rule of thumb is if it has been over 10 days since you last watered your yard, then it’s time to go ahead and give your grass some fresh H2O! Some signs that indicate that it’s time for more watering include:

  • Leaves turning brown or wilting
  • The ground feels hard and dry
  • Turfgrass blades look like they’re shrinking in length

These all point towards needing water! When you see any of these signs, don’t hesitate to water them because, as we all know too well, dryness leads to droughts, and we don’t want that for our beloved lawns.

2. Vitamin D

The second factor is how much sunlight your yard gets. Suppose you have a lot of shade in the summertime. In that case, it can be easy to forget when it’s time to water, but this isn’t good because not only will your grass become dry, but if left too long without any water at all. There could potentially be lasting damage!

The best rule of thumb here would be to estimate an hour per inch of height, which means taller grass needs more watering than shorter blades. For example, two hours per inch every other day or three hours per inch once each week should suffice.

As we can see, it is important to water your lawn because a dry yard will not only make it difficult for grass blades to grow and stay healthy but if left too long without any watering at all, there could be irreversible damage done!

By maintaining the proper amount of moisture each week or so using either sprinklers or an irrigation system, you should have no problems with over-watering, which leads to root rot. Irrigation maintenance is key.

Why Does my Lawn Still Look So Sad?

However, suppose you notice that specific sections of your yard are always drier than others. In that case, this may point towards trouble spots where roots are having issues absorbing nutrients they need to thrive.

This problem can usually be fixed by aerating those areas occasionally and ensuring that irrigations aren’t wasted by watering more than is needed.

Irrigation systems exist solely for perfect lawn health. Contact Landmark Lawn and Landscape to find out about having an irrigation system installed. They offer irrigation repair and maintenance services as well. 

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