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How to Revive Dead Grass

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that lawns are a living thing. Lawns can live for years and still look beautiful without any effort whatsoever. However, they do require some care from time to time to maintain their natural beauty. Lawn maintenance is needed periodically to keep up the appearance and health of your lawn.

If you have been noticing signs of dead grass or want a refresher on how to take care of your lawn, below, you’ll find the information you need! It covers everything from causes and prevention through ways to revive dead grass, so it looks like new again. So, keep reading!

Common Causes Of Dead Grass

To revive dead grass, you’ll first want to look into what may have caused its death. The most common causes include: 

  • Not watering enough or too much.
  • Insects such as grubs and sod webworms that they feed on roots below the soil surface.
  • Lawn fertilization mistakes (too little fertilizer is just as bad as using too much).
  • Mowing mistakes (such as scalping the lawn by cutting it too short).

5 ways revive Dead Grass

Now that we talked about the most common causes of dead grass, it’s time to learn about how to revive it.

1. Lawn Mowing

With lawn mowing, as usual, keep the height at least three inches high. This measure will help protect against further damage from insects and drought conditions while allowing for new growth.

2. Water Your Lawn Smartly

Lawns typically need around one inch of water a week to keep them in good shape and revive dead grass. If you’re not sure how much they are getting, set up a rain gauge or place empty cans around the yard that can be filled once a week.

3. Test The Soil 

Before you know what kind of nutrients your lawn needs, it is important to test the soil. Professionals should test lawns annually and in spring for best results.

4. Apply Nutrients

Lawn fertilization should only be performed three or four times a year for proper lawn care. It’s also important to use the right type of fertilizer and follow application instructions carefully. 

5. Reseed Or Plant Sod

If your lawn is dying due to a disease or other problem, you may have no choice but to remove it and plant a new one. However, before doing that, apply all of the above methods for reviving dead grass first to see if they work.

If not, experts should apply sod or seed soon after removing the old lawn to have a better chance of growing.

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