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How to Move Your Garden to Your New Home

Everyone knows that the garden comes with it when you move to a new home, including all your plants. But not many people realize how draining the experience can be for both them and their outdoor living spaces. It is important to know what process must be done after moving to keep your garden alive, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing.

Moving your garden with you is a draining experience, as mentioned earlier. Not only is there the physical labor of digging up, transporting, and replanting your outdoor living space, but it also requires special attention to make sure that no harm is done to the plant’s root system.

In this article, you’ll find the secret to carrying your favorite plants and flowers to your new home flawlessly.

Bringing Your Old Garden Alive

  • The first thing is digging up your garden and transporting it to its new location. This process requires effort and labor from the person carrying out the task and cold-bloodedness because it can’t be done during the summer or winter months. Also, pay attention to how the garden’s root system is carefully dismantled to avoid any damage.
  • After digging up the garden and transporting it to its new location, the second step is replanting it in its new home. This involves bringing in both soil and compost needed to make the ground suitable for planting again. It also requires extra care because, if done incorrectly, it can result in serious damage due to intense heat or cold. Another detail that must be given attention to is making sure there are no holes or anything else that may cause pitfall traps for your loved plants.

This may seem like too much work – but not nearly as much as you’d have to do if getting rid of some of your outdoor living space was on your immediate to-do list.

How Not to Let Your Old Garden Die

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